Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District helps local communities work cooperatively to improve the region. A voluntary organization of local government political subdivisions, Buckeye Hills serves eight counties securing financial resources to translate ideas into action. (Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry & Washington)

Whether reaching out to the region’s aging in need of in-home assistance, providing communities with planning support, or serving as advocates on the state and national level, the professional staff at Buckeye Hills serves with dedication and compassion.

Since its inception, Buckeye Hills has secured over $500 million for education, health care, infrastructure, training and social services programs in the region.

Buckeye Hills assists communities in identifying urgent needs and securing grant and loan dollars to improve their infrastructure and the overall quality of life for their residents. The staff often acts as the 'adjunct staff' of the communities of the District by providing technical assistance, grant writing, and project administration.

Vision Statement

The effective utilization of public and private resources for an improved quality of life for our constituents.

Mission Statement

Buckeye Hills will improve the socioeconomic conditions of the region by promoting the interests and needs of our constituents to persons and agencies empowered to create positive change.



Development Staff
Area Agency on Aging 8 Staff

This insitution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Local Development Districts: Promoting Communication and Quality of Service:

We strengthen local communities by leveraging the resources and expertise necessary to prepare strategies for a broad range of local and regional issues.

Advocating Vision:

We develop and implement regional goals and solutions that increase the infrastructure and technology needed to reduce economic and community isolation and foster economic growth and competitiveness.

Developing Organizational Resources:

Our professional staff plan, implement, and oversee essential services such as transportation and infrastructure development, business financing and workforce training, energy efficiency upgrades, housing, and youth and elder care.

Leading through Partnerships:

We engage public and private sector leaders and promote accountability to ensure public resources are used efficiently and effectively, while addressing local priorities and promoting regional strategies.