Our volunteers, supporters, and leaders are vital to the growth of Buckeye Hills and of southeast Ohio. Through our varied committees, we review and recommend projects to receive grant monies, develop and implement area plans, facilitate communication across communities around shared problems and work together to identify solutions, and rally a unified voice for growth in southeast Ohio.

Find a list of our current committees below.

Executive Committee

The Buckeye Hills Regional Council Executive Committee has 15 members comprised of four non-elected representatives, one minority representative, Mayors of the two largest cities in the District, and eight county representatives appointed by County Commissioners.

General Policy Council

The General Policy Council functions as the overall governing body of Buckeye Hills. The Council is comprised of representatives from across the region, two-thirds of whom are elected public officials. The remaining one-third represent various interests such as business, industry, agriculture, education, health, and issues related to the needs of our vulnerable populations including low-income, elderly, and disabled persons.

Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC) - District 18

The Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC) reviews grant submissions and makes recommendations for awarded funds from the Clean Ohio program, dedicated to environmental conservation including acquisition of green space, the protection of rivers and stream corridors, and the enhancement of rivers and stream corridors.

Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Executive Committee - District 18

Buckeye Hills serves as the liaison for District 18 of the State Capital Improvement/Local Transportation Improvements Programs (SCIP/LTIP), funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). The OPWC Executive Committee reviews grant submissions and makes recommendations for awarded funds from OPWC, including road, bridge, culvert, water, wastewater, solid waste, and storm water facilities projects.

Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Integrating Committee - District 18

The District 18 OPWC Integrating Committee has the purpose to implement the provisions of Senate Bill 257 as it relates to the counties of Athens, Belmont, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, and Washington and the political subdivisions contained therein. This committee is made up of 28 members from various political jurisdictions and one private sector individual.

Regional Advisory Council

The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) serves as a liaison between seniors and their local County Councils on Aging. The RAC is formed of representatives from those County Councils on Aging and other Buckeye Hills appointees.

Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Policy Committee

The RTPO Policy Committee is the Executive Committee of Buckeye Hills and exists to allow local officials to have more input in the transportation decisions of the region. The RTPO Policy Committee is charged with taking action on all RTPO documents, policies, and other activities.

Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Transportation Committee

The RTPO Transportation Committee is composed of county engineers, community officials, special interest group representatives (i.e., bicycle groups, outdoor trail groups, etc.), private citizens, and other parties with interest to assist in transportation planning activities.