The Buckeye Hills Data Center is dedicating to housing the most up-to-date data, analytics, and collateral research about southeast Ohio. Data is housed by county as well as for the full region, and can be sifted through based on interest area or sector.

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An Opportunity Zone is a designation created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 allowing for certain investments in lower income areas to have tax advantages.

A total of 12 opportunity zones exist in southeast Ohio, and the linked Story Map indicates those zones as well as access to broadband, water, and sewer. For additional reference, FEMA Flood Zone designations may also be seen in reference to Opportunity Zones.

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Rural Consultation is an opportunity for local elected officials to see what projects ODOT has planned for the next 4 years and provide input on timing or other aspects of the project.

This dashboard is an interactive look at the projects planned for each county in the Buckeye Hills Region. It allows the user to filter on a number of aspects of the projects.

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The purpose of this map is to display all of the Horizontal Well Activity in Ohio. It includes activity that was reported between June 2009 and the present month, from both the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions of eastern and southeastern Ohio. The data is used in this web map was collected from Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Oil and Gas Resources.

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This map depicts the presence or absence of sidewalks along road center lines in the Buckeye Hills region. Aerial photos flown in 2014 were used to determine whether there was sidewalk on one side, both sides, or neither side.

Crosswalks were also identified.

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The Road Classification map depicts the functional class of roads in the Buckeye Hills region. Functional Class is the grouping of roads, streets, and highways in a hierarchy based on the type of highway service they provide.

This map identifies roads as Interstate, Freeway and Expressway, Principal Arterial, Minor Arterial, Major Collector, Minor Collector, and Local.

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