Our Housing Assistance program offers a variety of services to support seniors and individuals with disabilities, each designed to focus on the mobility needs of residents in southeast Ohio.

Services included in our Housing Assistance program are:

  • Home Accessibility Modifications

  • Home Choice

Home Accessibility Modifications

Buckeye Hills offers Home Accessibility Modifications and Minor Home Repair for seniors age 60 and above and for those under 60 with a disability in need of handicap accessibility repairs.

Home modifications for mobility and accessibility include project that make the physical environment accessible and functional, thus enabling people with mobility and disability issues to perform daily activities with greater independence. Home modification projects include ramps for easier entry, replacing tubs for showers, installing grab bars and handrails for safety, widening doorways for easier access with assistive devices like wheelchairs and walkers, and more.

Home repair and maintenance is limited to small, single problem areas within the residence. Plumbing modifications, electrical repair and upgrade, and heating and ventilation repair.

Funding for these services comes from a combination of public, private, and local resources with work provided through a bid process to agency-contracted contractors and others.

Home Choice

The Home Choice program is made available through Ohio’s Department of Medicaid supported by Buckeye Hills to provide eligible individuals the chance to transition from a long-term care facility to home and community settings.

The purpose of Home Choice is to assist folks who want to locate home and move from a long-term care facility back into the community.

Once individuals are in long-term care facilities, it is difficult for them to move back into the community because they usually do not have homes or access to other services and supports necessary for daily living. Transition coordination will help them plan and arrange for services and supports they need while relocating from an institution to a community.

Home Choice will support individuals with transition services up to $2,000, by locating housing, transitioning, and connecting to community services such as health care, pharmacies, personal assistance and more.