Buckeye Hills has been maintaining a GIS (geographic information system) for the eight-county region of southeast Ohio since the mid-1990’s. Realizing that the need for mapping products, spatial data, and custom data research and analysis would grow considerably in the future, Buckeye Hills has continually invested in the necessary mapping software and hardware to meet the growing need.

Buckeye Hills combines powerful mapping capabilities with a strong and active data research practice to offer constituents specialized mapping products and custom data products.

To supplement its data research experience, Buckeye Hills has invested in GPS data collection units that allow for the collection of autonomous data needed to complete customized individual mapping projects. These data collection units have been used to collect data sets such as water and sewer systems, public storm water systems, basic elevation, public signage, wildlife information, and more.

Information can be provided to constituents in a variety of forms:

  • Printed maps

  • Web-based maps

  • PDFs

  • Various GIS-compatible data file formats

  • Other image formats suitable for use in reports and other digital and printed documents

Examples of GIS projects completed by Buckeye Hills staff include:

  • Floodplain analysis and modeling

  • Asset inventory mapping

  • Tax map support/auditor database integration

  • Election mapping of precinct and polling locations

  • Emergency service response zones

  • Census geography mapping

  • Environmental review record mapping