Press Contact Information

For inquiries, further information, quotes, and contact with Buckeye Hills Regional Council in regard to press releases or other news, please contact our Communications Director.

Drew Tanner, Communications Director


Phone Number: 1-800-331-2644 ext. 2100 or 740-376-1030

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Buckeye Hills Branding + Logos

High-resolution files of Buckeye Hills logos are supplied below for use in local media publications.

The Buckeye Hills Regional Council logo has been designed as a two-color logo and should be displayed as such whenever possible. Please allow 25% of the logo’s width and height as padding on all sides of the logo, and always use the logo as one item. Do not separate or isolate parts of the logo.

The logo should be used as provided and color should not be changed.

The logo is built from two process colors: red and blue.

  • Red: C=20, M-100, Y=100, K=15 or R=175, G=30, B=35 or #af1e23

  • Blue: C=100, M=88, Y=42, K=55 or R=7, G=27, B=60 or #071b3c

The Buckeye Hills Regional Council type styles uses fonts from the Triplex Serif OT family. A recommended substitute font is Rockwell.