BH Launches New Website


In an effort to increase the communications of our organization with our stakeholders, partners, elected officials, staff members and more, Buckeye Hills Regional Council undertook a full redesign and update of our website.

The navigation of the website allows visitors to easily find information like Who We Are and What We Do as well as in-depth descriptions of our current Aging + Disability programs and Community Development programs.

New features of our website include guides produced by Buckeye Hills exclusively For Caregivers, For Elected Officials, For Members, and For Service Providers. The For Members Guide is included in a password-protected page just for Buckeye Hills members

Our new Policy Tracker page allows elected officials to stay updated with policy shifts and updates at the local, regional, state, and federal level as they pertain to our mission and our programs. This is included in the Members password-protected page.

Additionally, with nearly 70 members on the Buckeye Hills staff, website visitors can view Employee Spotlights every month on our landing page, as well as Elected Official Spotlights on a rotating basis.

A point of celebration is our Buckeye Hills Data Center, is chock full of maps, studies, and statistical data about our region and the counties within it.

One final highlight of our brand new website is our Media Room with information specifically for our friends in the press; whether digital or traditional, media is a vital public outlet for community engagement and we welcome conversations about any and all of our programs and services!