Employee Spotlight Series: Bret Allphin

In our 2019 Employee Spotlight Series, we are creating space to highlight the 62 employees of Buckeye Hills Regional Council. Every year, we celebrate as a region the tremendous impact of our programs and services - an investment of nearly $1.3 billion into southeast Ohio since our inception in 1968 - but it’s our employees who work hard every day to breathe life into our mission and pour out into the eight-county region we serve.

Follow along as we feature three different employees every month!


Bret Allphin

Bret is the Development Director for Buckeye Hills Regional Council and has been a part of our team since September 2001.


  • What led you to your current position at Buckeye Hills?

Bret: I was a Political Science student at Marietta College looking for an internship in early 2001, and my roommate was working with a marketing firm in town to do a branding project for Buckeye Hills. My roommate was from Martins Ferry, the former Executive Director Boyer Simcox was also from Martins Ferry. Boyer told my roommate they were looking for an intern – the rest is history!

  • How would you describe your job to someone who is completely unfamiliar?

B: I focus on helping communities in southeastern Ohio identify and access resources to address whatever challenges they may be facing. I manage an excellent team of passionate folks who then facilitate resources into the areas and projects where they are most needed.

  • What do you find most rewarding about your position?

B: When a project that has long been a puzzle for a local community or a local organization finally comes to fruition, and you can feel the sense of accomplishment among the sponsors – that’s when this work is the best.

  • Why do you think the mission of Buckeye Hills is important to our region?

B: Our communities are in need of ‘helpers’ of all types, and I think that’s what our organization specializes in. Providing help, both big and small that all add up to a general positive momentum for our partners. Our organization is really residents helping other residents.

  • What is one thing you wish more people realized about Buckeye Hills?

B: That we are here! I think we are one of the best kept secrets around, and there’s nothing secret about us or what we do! We’re here to roll up our sleeves and help communities and residents address public issues. Our Community Development Division alone has 82 years of collective experience!

  • If you had to choose a favorite program, service, or initiative of Buckeye Hills, which would that be and why?

B: The housing program is my favorite program for the way it makes huge personal impacts from relatively minor investments. From personal experience I know how important small home modifications can be to keeping a person safely in the home they treasure. These types of efforts benefit everyone; the homeowner who is most happy at home, the family who can continue visiting their loved one in their home setting, and the community who retains their most treasured residents.