Call for Farmers in Southeast Ohio!


The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provides income-eligible senior citizens with special coupons worth $50 to buy produce from authorized, participating farmers who sell at farmers markets or roadside stands from the months of May through October.

The SFMNP is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Department of Aging to allow income-eligible seniors the opportunity to enjoy locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey.

Program coupons may be exchanged for eligible foods from authorized farmers, and farmers are reimbursed thanks to a combination of grant funds and donations.

A farmer is defined as an individual who grows and sells produce at farmers’ markets or roadside stands and who does not exclusively sell produce obtained from another person or entity, such as a “wholesaler.”

To become a SFMNP participating farmer, the following criteria must be met:

  1. One must be a farmer as defined above.

  2. One must participate in the 2019 SFMNP training for new farmers.

  3. One must submit a 2019 signed agreement and W-9, both linked below.

  4. One must follow and comply with the guidelines and responsibilities as set forth by the program and the SFMNP Participating Farmers Manual, linked below.

  5. One must provide information to Buckeye Hills about the stand’s name, location, hours of operation, a list of self-produced items, and a list estimating the number of rows by feet or acreage in which the farmer uses to grow the produce or herbs sold to seniors or proxies in the SFMNP.

2019 SFMNP Participating Farmer Materials

Direct Deposit Authorization Form | 2019 W9 Form | 2019 Participating Farmer Agreement Form

For questions regarding this program and/or participation, contact Cathy Ash, Program Manager, via email at