Abandoned Mine Land Pilot Program

The Abandoned Mine Land Pilot Program, administered by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Mineral Resources Management (DMRM), is a federally funded program with the goal of reclaiming eligible coal mined lands for long-term economic and community site development purposes.

Site development may include industrial, commercial, recreational, agricultural, renewable energy, or residential end uses.

Site selection criteria includes significance of the existing public health and safety and/or environmental conditions of the abandoned mine site, the site’s location, intended end use, anticipated economic and community benefits to be derived, project partnerships established, estimated project cost, and availability of leveraged funds.

The Office of Surface Mining, the federal agency responsible for distributing Pilot funding to State Abandoned Mine Land Programs, developed a document entitled “Guidance for Project Eligibility Under the Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Economic Development Pilot Program for Federal Fiscal Year 2018.

Ohio’s Abandoned Mine Land Program, administered by the DMRM, has been awarded $10 million in Pilot Program funding for calendar year 2019, which representatives are invited to apply for portions of through the grant application process.