Who We Are

For 50 years, we have not deviated from our original purpose. As a collection of people sharing a common interest, we work together to improve the social and economic climate of southeastern Ohio.

We work closely with government leaders, state and federal partners, the Ohio Governor’s Office of Appalachia, the federal Appalachian Regional Commission and with our “sister” development districts to serve Ohio’s Appalachian region.

The benefits of Regional Councils are plentiful:

  • Regional Councils are cost-effective, efficient, and focused on leveraging resources to meet the region’s needs.

  • Regional Councils help public and private sector leaders develop and implement programs and services that build strong, regional economies and communities.

  • Regional Councils provide comprehensive regional strategies for community and economic development.

  • Regional Councils raise awareness of regional needs by engaging policymakers at the state and federal level.

Whether through reaching out to the region’s elderly and disabled person in need of in-home assistance, providing communities with planning support, or serving as advocates on the state and federal level, we serve our communities with dedication and compassion.

Through our divisions of Aging + Disability and Community Development, we serve over 255,000 residents in southeast Ohio with our varied programs + services. We support both public and private sector leaders build strong regional economies and communities.

Our Values

For five decades, Buckeye Hills Regional Council has maintained the same convictions that allowed us to establish diverse and lasting partnerships that formed the framework through which people working together could effectively represent our residents at the state and federal levels.


Our Staff

In 1970, Buckeye Hills employed 5 staff members. In 2018, we have over 65 professionals on staff dedicated to serving southeast Ohio. With a combined tenure of more than 595 years, we have the education, experience, and dedication to serve the region with distinction!


Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of regional elected officials who strive to increase the vitality of southeast Ohio. These individuals work together to prioritize regional strategies and strengthen the Buckeye Hills vision by impacting positive change in their own communities.

The General Policy Council functions as the overall governing body of Buckeye Hills. The Council is comprised of representatives from across the region, two-thirds of whom are elected public officials. The remaining one-third represent various interests such as business, industry, agriculture, education, health, and issues related to the needs of our vulnerable populations including low-income, elderly, and disabled persons.

The Buckeye Hills Regional Council Executive Committee has 15 members comprised of four non-elected representatives, one minority representative, Mayors of the two largest cities in the District, and eight county representatives appointed by County Commissioners.