Buckeye Hills Regional Council has been providing digital mapping (GIS) services to the eight-county region of southeast Ohio since the mid-1990s. Customized maps and data created by Buckeye Hills have been used to complete funding applications, studies, and countless other projects.

In 2003, Buckeye Hills purchased a GPS data collection unit to bolster high accuracy data collection efforts in local communities. This high accuracy local data is becoming increasingly critical to a community’s ability to secure grant funding from most state and federal programs. Potential business and industry site selectors are seeking this type of data as well.

Through the Data Center of Buckeye Hills, local governments and community partners have access to a wide-variety of national, regional, state, and local GIS data, as well as U.S. Census and other information.

What is the Small Community Infrastructure Data Collection program?

The professionally-trained staff at Buckeye Hills can assist and then train local personnel to collect a community’s unique spatial data using a GPS data collection unit.

Examples of data collection inventories for infrastructure projects may include, but are not limited to:

Waste Water

  • Manholes

  • Lampholes

  • Sanitary ends

Municipal Water

  • Hydrants

  • Valves

  • Meters

  • Tanks and boosters

  • Curb stops

  • Shut-off and release valves

Other Services

  • Public signage inventories

  • Traffic signal inventories

  • Floodwater benchmarking

  • Utility location and inventories

Storm Sewer

  • Curb drains

  • Ditch drains

  • French drains

  • Manholes

How does this program work?

Buckeye Hills will provide data collection, editing, and correcting services to project communities. In addition, for program participants, Buckeye Hills will house all collected data and make changes and basic updates as requested by the participant. Upon request, CD backups are also available. Hard copy or digital maps and related GIS reports are also available.

On a continual basis, participants can access available equipment including handheld GIS units (for loan) and the large scale plotter. Online access to the collected GIS data via customized ArcGIS server viewers is also provided at no charge.

This program is on a first come, first served basis. The program is annually limited to the first five communities with fewer than 5,000 residents who apply.

What fees are associated with this program?

  • Project Fees: $3,500

Initial project includes consultation and project development, access to staff and equipment for data collection, data support and hosting services, reports, and training for local staff as requested.

  • Annual Project Maintenance: $750 (excludes staff time for data collection)

Annual project maintenance ensures communities continue to get personalized data support services including backup and hosting, as well as the inclusion of any collected infrastructure updates in to existing data inventories. Annual maintenance also ensures continued training opportunities, as well as access to Buckeye Hills equipment including GPS data collection units, wide format plotter, and access to ArcGIS server viewers.