Buckeye Hills serves as a forum through which local communities work cooperatively to improve our region. This spirit of coordination and service was fundamental to our establishment in 1968 and continues to be our guide today.

Every day, we put our philosophy to work.

  • We are the local contact for many state and federal programs.

  • We guide diverse activities and efforts into coordinated channels.

  • We write comprehensive development plans based on what we have experienced and gained knowledge of, and what we learn through studies of physical, social, and economic conditions.

  • We identify trends in the region and act upon opportunities to promote the general health and welfare of our residents.

  • We serve as a forum for the discussion and study of shared challenges and problems.

The charge to convene partners is essential to the value we deliver to our communities.

Our Organization and Range of Services

Our organization is structured around the following five divisions: Aging & Disability, Community Development, Mapping & Data, Population Health, and Transportation Planning.


Aging + Disability

Buckeye Hills is the lead agency for the Southeast Ohio Aging & Disability Resource Network.

One call opens doors to a variety of resources and long-term services that support residents throughout southeast Ohio. Our professionals are a trusted source for information and they provide access to a full-range of available services, programs, and options to help individuals, regardless of age or disability, remain at home.

Community Development

Buckeye Hills helps communities solve problems through identifying urgent needs and securing financial resources to improve infrastructure and the overall quality of life for residents.

Buckeye Hills helps secure investments in projects that have a positive impact on commercial and residential sectors by creating and retaining jobs, providing access to education or training, increasing access to water and sanitary sewer services as well as maintaining and upgrading transportation infrastructure.

Mapping + Data

Buckeye Hills makes critical demographic and economic data available to public and private entities.

GIS services, including a small community infrastructure data collection program, assist communities with planning decisions. Through access to regional data on transportation, housing, land use, health and economic development, Buckeye Hills’ professional staff serve as the liaison for funders, elected officials, and constituents to improve and enhance the region’s quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Population Health

Launched in 2017, programs of the Population Health division of Buckeye Hills focus on a person’s ability to adopt to or manage life’s changes and challenges.

The division’s components include health outcomes, patterns of health determinants, and evidence-based interventions.

Transportation Planning

Buckeye Hills serves as a Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Regional transportation plans provide information on the District’s 8,992 miles of road, 2,922 bridges, 147 miles of Ohio River frontage, and six airports. The RTPO program provides the opportunity to represent and characterize in a holistic manner the ongoing transportation needs of the region.